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Server & Site Rules

Section 1

Game Server Rules:


1. No Cheating: Cheating is not tolerated on our servers.  If you are caught cheating, you will be banned permanently and your information will be posted on the website. We always do our best to obtain proof, however, we reserve the right to kick or ban any player with or without proof if we deem necessary.


2. Clan Tag:  Only members of Team -=CoN=- are allowed to wear the clan tag.  Adding the clan tag to your name in any form without being a member could result in you being  renamed or banned.


3. Do not Publicly Accuse Anyone of Cheating:  Just because someone is a good player, doesn't mean they are cheating. If you think that someone is cheating, then this needs to be reported to an admin.  This is a very serious accusation and we do not take it lightly.  We will make every effort to investigate the incident and take the appropriate action.


4. Disrespecting or Challenging an Admin:  This is in no way tolerated.  Admins can and will kick or ban for this offense.  If you have an issue with one of the admins please file your complaint with -=CoN=-Fletch1829.


5.  No Foul Language or Inappropriate Discussion:  Foul language is not allowed on our servers.  We have a mutator in place to replace foul language. Do not try to bypass this by changing the spelling of the word or by using special characters in the word.  We also do not allow any conversation that involves or suggests illegal activities, substances or contraband. 


6. No Offensive Player Names:  This is not permitted on the server.  Players using player names with racist, sexual, pornographic, or anything deemed inappropriate will be renamed without warning.


7. No Recruiting or IP Advertisement:  Players are not permitted to recruit or advertise on our game servers for other clans or servers.  We have mutators in place to stop the typing of IPs, do not try to bypass it, this will result in a ban for a length of time. 


8. Respect Other Players: Do not insult or put down other players.  Everyone is on to play and have a good time.


9. No Image Dropping: We consider this unfair play and it is not allowed on our server.


10. No Skin Hacks:  Skin hacks are not allowed.  This includes setting your skin to UT textures such as smoke, sky, or anything else that gives you an unfair advantage.


11. No Teaming: This is not allowed unless in a team game. Sharing information about a player's location in single player games is not allowed.


12. No Whining: No one wants to hear you gripe and complain.  If you don't like something leave and come back later.


13. No {BOT} Tag:  No player is allowed to wear the {BOT} tag.  This is to let other players know who is a bot and who is a real player.




Section 2

Website Rules:


1.  Profanity and Inappropriate Material:  Do not post anything sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, racist, or ethnically offensive in the public area. We have a wide range of ages amongst our members and visitors. 


2.  Illegal activities, substances or contraband: Do not post anything that involves or suggests illegal activities, substances or contraband anywhere in our forums.  We take this very serious and your post will be deleted and you will be warned.  Further violations of this rule will result in being banned from the site.


3. Clan Tag:  Do not add the clan tag to your name unless you have been instructed to by an admin after membership approval.  Adding the clan tag to your name in any form without being a member could result in you being renamed or banned.


4. No Recruiting:  Using the -=CoN=- website for recruiting for other clans is prohibited.  However, we do allow you to introduce your clan with server information in the introduction area of our forums and post upcoming events.


5.  Complaints and Accusations about others: Do not post complaints or accusations about others in the forums or shout box.  This applies to issues with other people on the server and/or website.  This should be an email or PM to an admin so that it can be investigated and handled properly.


6.  Post in the appropriate area: Our forum sections cover a wide variety of topics.  Please make sure to post your thread in the appropriate forum.  Do not hijack a thread by posting off-topic or starting a new conversation in an existing thread.  Please start a new one. Do not post support questions in the shout box. Please start a new thread in the get help section of the forums.  If you need help starting a new thread please contact an admin for help.


Note: We reserve the right to edit, delete, or move any content on the website.  This includes forum posts, shouts and profile.  We do not delete user accounts.




Section 3

TeamSpeak Rules:


1.  Foul Language:   Excessive foul language will not be tolerated.  No sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting remarks are allowed in public channels.  You may talk however you like if you make your own private channel and password protect it.


2. Clan Tag:  Do not wear the clan tag in any form on TeamSpeak unless you are a member of Team -=CoN=-.  Adding the clan tag to your name without being a member could result in you being banned.


3.  Nicknames:  Names that are insulting, sexually explicit, racist, or discriminatory or otherwise insulting will not be tolerated.


4. Avatars: Images that are insulting, sexually explicit, racist, or discriminatory or otherwise insulting will not be tolerated.


5.  Discussion of illegal substances:  There is to be no talk or discussion of illegal contraband, their usage, where to buy, etc in any channel, public or private.  This will result in your permanent ban from the server.


6.  Account:  Do not let someone use TeamSpeak under your name.  You are held responsible for whoever uses TeamSpeak on your computer / account.  If a bannable offense happens on your account you will be banned.


7.  Microphone activation:  We strongly encourage the use of push to talk mode as a way to activate your microphone. Using voice activation mode is allowed when using a headset or headphones, but make sure to set the sensitivity so that background noises are not transmitted.  Using voice activation mode while using speakers is highly discouraged, since it often causes your microphone to be activated by in-game sounds, and can cause irritating echo effects.  If your voice activation is disruptive you will be forced to push to talk mode.


8. Recording:  Recording conversations in public channels is not allowed.  We reserve the right to kick anyone for recording with or without warning.  Continued attempts will result in you being banned.




Section 4

-=CoN=- Member's Rules:


1.  Loyalty to the clan is a must. Members are not allowed to be in any other clan outside of -=CoN=-.  If you leave -=CoN=- and join another clan or apply with another clan your membership in -=CoN=- will be terminated.


2. Do not remove your -=CoN=- tag while playing on the -=CoN=- server or any other server.  Do not alter your name or use multiple aliases.


3. Do not harass, insult, or putdown other players.


4. Be active with Team -=CoN=-, both on the server and website. If you know you are going to be inactive for a long period of time, make a post in the Leave of Absence forum or contact an Admin if you don't wish to make anything public.  If you don't do this and become inactive on the server and website, your membership with -=CoN=- will be terminated.


5. A member is not allowed to start or run a server that would compete with or  take traffic away from the -=CoN=- Servers.


6. Do not share the member skin or voice pack with anyone that is not a -=CoN=- member. These items are for members only. 


7. Be helpful and courteous to other players on our server especially new players.  Optionally you can offer some tips and tricks to help them advance their game play.  


8. Keep your contact information up-to-date on the website so you can be contacted if need be.


***Violation of any rule on this page could result in your removal from the clan!***





Note:  By playing on or connecting to any of our servers or registering on our website you agree to abide by these rules.  Violation of any of these rules could result in you being temporarily or permanently banned. If you have any questions, comments, complaints or server related issues please direct them to an Admin, our Forums or via an email to: These rules are subject to changes, additions or deletions at any time.



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05-03-2024 03:24 PM
hi all sorry not been on im back family problems Party!

12-04-2023 05:26 PM
Please welcome in my Son Ryan as RyDawg91

11-16-2023 04:51 PM
hi we still play every night

08-08-2023 08:05 PM
I just wanted to stop in to say HELLO Smile Cool Carrot

07-21-2023 04:59 PM
Whats up folks? What happened to Lady_Widow, says she's former member.

04-24-2023 11:24 PM
I'm carrying a smoll baby future player in my womb. lol

01-27-2023 04:48 PM
Hi All, love to play again been tied up with interstate work for long periods need some practice see u all soon. Gun Hi

05-27-2022 10:03 PM
So what's everybody up to

02-16-2022 04:57 PM
All, I have started advertising our website and servers on UT forums through FB... Let's start playing again on our servers to start recruiting!!! Pet

02-03-2022 08:23 PM
hey super doing good and u!!

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