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[D3D10Drv.D3D10RenderDevice] - FPS limit & Bad in game text
Hi all,

Finally been able to get the above with adequate brightness functioning (OpenGl used to, but went dark... go figure Smile.

What I have noticed is that my FPS is now limited to 60 FPS, whereas using either OpenGL or D3D9, I can easliy hit 150+ FPS.

Where you used to enter in UnrealTournament.ini FrameRateLimit=XXX and RefreshRate=XXX my FPS would increase to whats been set. From what I've found online, you now use FPSLimit=XXX FrameRateLimit=XXX, but I'm stuck at 60 FPS and it does not show under preferences/render/D3D10.

Also, all text within UT99 is not sharp.

I've attached my current UnrealTournament.ini for review.

Any ideas on how to fix these?

I will get -=CoN=-Kurt1W to look into this. He has a lot of knowledge on fixing UT issues.
Here is a link that hits on your exact issue.
I hope this gets you going.
Unfortunately, it will not allow me to post the full link.
So behind http: // /viewtopic.php ?t=12841 ( scrunch it all together to make a link.) if it still doesn’t work for you. Go to and look up unable to run UT99 with D3D10.
Edited by -=CoN=-Kurt1W on 03-08-2020 08:05 AM Kurt
Thank you for the replies.

I had already read that link, but re-read it again just in case I missed something.

I wasn't sure about the VS2010 C++ runtimes being installed, but it gave me the option of either repairing or removing, so its installed already...

Do you know if the server will allow D3Dv29 to work or will I get kicked?

Also, does anyone use the dualcore pathc for 4.36 with an i7 or similar?

I'll spend some more time today trying to figure out where and how I can increase the FPS and hopefully get the in game text to be clear.

Thanks again.
Edited by -=CoN=-cyborg on 03-08-2020 04:51 PM
Alright.... an update...

I've figured out why my FPS was low. VSYNC=TRUE - I made this FALSE and my FPS is back to normal.

I still have the issue of poor in game text (when messaging at top left of screen and during map voting).

Any ideas?
Here is a screenshot... notice the 'waiting for players' text is clear, but the other text is not....

This is what I am having and issue with.
-=CoN=-cyborg attached the following image:
have you tried to change the text size and color in the HUD to see if that makes a difference
You sir, are a genius! Clap

Didn't even consider that. So thank you.
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