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OPEN GL settings example
UseTexIdPool=True [This seem to be true or false I am not sure ]
UseTexPool=True [seems to always be true but not sure ]
HighDetailActors=True [Has to be True else you will have black Square in scope ]
UseMipmapping=False [True]
UseTruForm=False [looks like it can be true but not sure ]
TruFormMinVertices=0 [alwys seem to be 0]
TruFormTessellation=3 [alwys seem to be 3 ]
DetailTextures=False [ "false" if u have set ur "lodbias" at -2 unles your system can handel it ]
TexDXT1ToDXT3=False [ only used for =old= nvidia cards ]
BufferClippedActorTris=False [UseDetailAlpha and BufferClippedActorTris options no longer configurable and enabled internally.]
SinglePassDetail=False [Set to 2 enable second texture second detail layer will not show unless SinglePassDetail is disabled Also enable UseDetailAlpha]
DetailMax=2 [Set to 2 to enable a second detail texture layer second detail texture layer will not show up unless SinglePassDetail is disabled.]
ColorizeDetailTextures=False [Debug option for detail textures]
DetailClipping=False [ more cpu experimental detail texture mode ]
UseDetailAlpha=True [Must be enabled for proper detail texture support - also SinglePassDetail DetailMax ]
UseFilterSGIS=False [ no detail ?]
UseTNT=False [ only for tnt ]
NumAASamples=2 [UseAA-True MaxAnisotropy-16 // Set to max antialiasing of card (unless Quincunx AA is on) 0, 2, 4 and 8]
UseAA=True [Not sure] [num 16 8 4 or 0 UseAA-True MaxAnisotropy-16 NumAASamples-8 ]
MaxAnisotropy=8 [MaxAnisotropy=16 // Set to highest Anisotropy your card can handle defaut was 0 ]
RequestHighResolutionZ=True [alwys true ? Not Sure ]
MaskedTextureHack=true [ MaskedTextureHack which should be set to True and the setting SmoothMaskedTextures should be set to False]
SmoothMaskedTextures=False [ MaskedTextureHack which should be set to True and the setting SmoothMaskedTextures should be set to False]
Use4444Textures=False [no detail ]
SwapInterval=1 [// Set to 0 for no vsync, 1 to enable it. -1 for default]
UseVertexProgram=False [ best to enable or disable UseVertexProgram and UseFragmentProgram together - D3d9]
UseFragmentProgram=False [ best to enable or disable UseVertexProgram and UseFragmentProgram together - D3d9]
UseCVA=False [Enables the use of compiled vertex It may be useful on video cards without HW T&L. will slow down a little bit on video cards with HW T&L.]
UseMultiDrawArrays=False [Enables the use of the GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays extension.]
DynamicTexIdRecycleLevel=100 [allways 100]
UseSSE2=True [allways true]
UseSSE=True [allways true]
BufferTileQuads=True [ set to false]
RefreshRate=0 [Set to highest refresh rate your monitor supports (ex: 85) Default if set to 0.]
MaxTMUnits=0 [ limit the number of texture debug use ]
NoFiltering=False [Can disable filtering on all textures]
UseS3TC=True [Enables the use of high resolution S3TC compressed textures]
UseAlphaPalette=True [Set to "true" for better performance with no noticeable loss in graphics quality.False [ Fix old geForce drivers If there is hardware support for paletted textures enable ]]
AutoGenerateMipmaps=False [use of the GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap extension for automatic mipmap generation many video drivers that have unstable, slow, and/or broken support for this]
UseTrilinear=False [true improve graphicks but slows performance]
UsePrecache=True [Set to "true" for faster loading. "False" if ur experiencing lock-ups or crashes during the caching state]
AlwaysMipmap=False [increase in graphics quality. set false for better performance. changing the value of this setting should make no difference]]
ShareLists=False [ Is set to False]
UsePalette=True [ If there is hardware support for paletted textures, can significantly improve performance]
UseMultiTexture=True [Set to "true" for better performance.]
OneXBlending=True [this is false sometimes and i dont know ]
LODBias=-1.000000 [Values range from -2 to 2. The lower the value, the better your textures will look at the cost of performance linked to - DetailTextures]
Description=SUPER vga
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12-04-2023 05:26 PM
Please welcome in my Son Ryan as RyDawg91

11-16-2023 04:51 PM
hi we still play every night

08-08-2023 08:05 PM
I just wanted to stop in to say HELLO Smile Cool Carrot

07-21-2023 04:59 PM
Whats up folks? What happened to Lady_Widow, says she's former member.

04-24-2023 11:24 PM
I'm carrying a smoll baby future player in my womb. lol

01-27-2023 04:48 PM
Hi All, love to play again been tied up with interstate work for long periods need some practice see u all soon. Gun Hi

05-27-2022 10:03 PM
So what's everybody up to

02-16-2022 04:57 PM
All, I have started advertising our website and servers on UT forums through FB... Let's start playing again on our servers to start recruiting!!! Pet

02-03-2022 08:23 PM
hey super doing good and u!!

02-02-2022 11:07 PM
Wanted to jump on and check in on all you peeps! Hope you're all doing well! Grin

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